Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009

"Memories of Pregnancy"

Today has been one of those days. My daughter showed her undying love for me by sharing her cold with me, so feeling under the weather I dug through my medicine cabinet and ran across these. They're left over from my pregnancy where aside from large amounts of sweet tea and bleu cheese salad dressing I craved nothing more than Tums (yep, I had heartburn... to put it mildly).

Considering how many of them I went through I eventually went through all their flavors and styles. I'm thinking my favorites would be the smoothies...


  1. It's a great photo..Though I will admit the thought of eating Tums makes me slightly ill. Great job!

  2. Let me tell you how much better I felt AFTER eating them though. I figured, Tums were the lesser of two evils over the HBFH (heartburn from Hell). Your niece really didn't like me much there for a while.