Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15, 2009

This image was created for an assignment this week in one of my classes.

For this assignment I really wanted to create an image that touched people, made them think, feel and maybe even connect to their own lives in some way. (from the responses I've received in class from the other students I think I might have actually accomplished this--though I won't know for sure until the teacher "Zen Master David" grades and critiques it)

My husband and many of my friends have served and are currently serving overseas during the on going “conflict” with the Middle East.

While in the Middle East, their closest friends are their rifles and their Kevlar (helmets) that protect them. They gladly do their jobs, putting themselves in the line of fire.

When they come home (if they’re lucky enough to come home) they receive medals and commendations. Pretty baubles, if you will, for experiences that will never fade from their mind.

Though this image can’t show the true strength of our Men and Women of the Armed Forces, it shows the reason behind the pretty baubles that decorate their uniforms. I wanted (and hope I succeeded) to show how the two different parts merge together to create one.

The Kevlar and the desert Cami stand for the fighting, the loss of life, the true and hidden jobs of our military, and the shiny medals that would never be worn with those pieces of gear—stand for the pride, the respect, and the gratitude that we as American Citizens have for the Men and Women who have given their lives, their hearts, their sweat, and their tears standing for what we as a society believe in.

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