Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

To get this image today was a real adventure. There are stories about this place and none of them are good. The place is called Witch's Pond and (the pond is actually a little before this) this is a Jesuit Alter that is dedicated to the Spanish Catholic Missionaries who came over in the late 1500s and tried to convert the Native Americans.

It didn't work. The missionaries were all slaughtered.

Now the stories you hear don't cover the missionaries because, well, it's not nearly as cool as say; the lake being haunted by a witch who was killed and thrown into it and now every spring she haunts the area and turns the pond red with her blood.

Or the fact that the alter really isn't an alter but a sacrificial table with latin inscriptions that was used in the 1700s.

Either way, regardless of the stories it was still and adventure. I had to climb a gate, hike through mud (while in sandals mind you), getting attacked by flying bugs and ticks (cue Brad Paisley song, "Ticks")and wading through grass that came to my thighs.

Along with this alter there is a small cemetery filled with several generations of the original missionaries. The headstones are dilapidated and falling over. Some are so old and worn you can't even read the inscriptions. I tried.

FYI: The "Alter" was dedicated in 1935. :) Obviously it wasn't being used for sacrifices in the 1700s.

I plan on making one more trip out there in the near future and do some grave rubbings. Hopefully my luck will hold out and I won't get arrested for trespassing then either. :)

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